Please note:
  1. The person completing the booking form accepts these conditions on behalf of their group.
  2. Bookings will be honoured, but the Society reserves the right to review the conditions of hire periodically.
  3. The Society accepts no responsibility for any articles left anywhere in the building, or for cars using the car park.
  4. Any electrical equipment you bring to the Meeting House must be PAT tested.
  5. We recommend you keep the inner wooden doors locked during your session for security
  6. Stockport Quaker Meeting House has Public Liability Insurance for the building.  However, this does not cover the activities that groups undertake whilst on the premises. We strongly advise that you explore your own insurance.
You may:conditions of hire
  1. hire the rooms by emailing the warden at , phoning the warden on 07534621933, alternatively completing a Booking form telephone reservations will need to be confirmed within two weeks by using the form.)
  2. use only the rooms you have hired.
  3. use the toilet facilities
  4. use the rooms only for the period for which you have booked them.
  5. leave cars in the car park during your booking times.
  6. take light refreshments into either room booked, but please discuss with the Warden any arrangements for more substantial catering. You are responsible for the hygiene of any food consumed.
  7. use the First Aid Kit provided (kept in the kitchen).
You must:
  1. confirm your booking in writing or by email a minimum of 2 weeks before the date of the booking
  2. pay in advance, or make other arrangements with the Warden
  3. give a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice, preferably in writing or email, to cancel or terminate a booking. Notice of less than 4 weeks incurs some charges for you – details are given in the Scale of Charges sheet. The Society reserves the right to cancel, or terminate a booking with not less than 4 weeks’ notice.
  4. use the rooms only for the purpose for which they are hired.
  5. pay for any damage to the premises, property, furniture, fittings, facilities, or equipment
  6. complete an accident report form in the Accident Report Book (in the kitchen), however trivial an incident may seem.
  7. read and comply with the Fire Precautions notice displayed in the Meeting House.
  8. use only  Blu-Tack to fix anything to wood doors only, and remove with care. No pins or sticky tape to walls.
  9. take full responsibility for any children in your group, ensuring their safety, and comply with the provisions of the Children’s Act. They should not be allowed to touch any electronic controls or enter store rooms/cupboards.
  10. include preparation and clearing up time in the hours you book – there is a brush and pan in the kitchen.
  11. return keys as agreed when your hire period ends.
You must not:
  1. gamble
  2. smoke anywhere inside the building
  3. bring alcoholic drinks into the building or grounds
  4. turn off radiators
  5. block the fire exit in the large room – always ensure there is space for a wheel chair exit.
  6. put up fly posters around the town giving the address of the Meeting House.